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Ziggy Rafiq Blog Overview

Ziggy Rafiq Blog Overview As a Full Stack Designer, Developer, Tester, and DevOps with over 18 years plus of experience, Ziggy Rafiq has also led teams as a Technical Lead Developer for over 13 years. Ziggy Rafiq’s blog will provide many tips and useful information about Full Stack Design, Development, and Testing, catering to both new professionals and those interested in exploring the field. In Ziggy Rafiq’s blog posts, Ziggy Rafiq will share his journey as a Full Stack designer, developer, and tester and how Ziggy Rafiq stays current with industry changes and best practices. You'll also find code samples from Ziggy Rafiq demo projects and best practices for designing, developing, and testing. Ziggy Rafiq will also discuss the steps necessary to obtain ISO 9001 certification for software organizations. Throughout Ziggy Rafiq’s blog, you will find useful hybrid design and development information, design samples, code samples, and how-tos. Additionally, Ziggy Rafiq will talk about