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Best Practice for Code Reviewing TypeScript

Best Practice for Code Reviewing TypeScript Code review is an important part of software development that helps ensure code quality, maintainability, and consistency. Here are some best practices for code review of TypeScript code: 1. Know the code standards: Before starting a code review, familiarize yourself with the project's code standards and best practices. This will help you identify areas where the code deviates from established standards and make suggestions for improvements. 2. Focus on maintainability: Code review should focus on code maintainability, readability, and scalability. Look for code that is easy to understand and maintain, and suggest changes where necessary. 3. Check for best practices and conventions: Ensure that the code follows best practices and conventions, such as naming conventions, coding style, and indentation. 4. Check for type safety: TypeScript is a statically typed language, so it is important to check that the code is type-safe. Ensure that the