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Agile Scrum Definitions

  Overview Over the past few years working within the Agile Scrum teams I have seen at some places there are not clear with the basic simple terms of Agile scrum definitions and I thought of writing this blog post based around exampling the simple basic terms definitions we use in Agile Scrum terms. Product Owner The primary decision-maker on the scrum team. Scrum Master Leads the meetings and standups, removes roadblocks and oversees the scrum team. User Story A brief explanation of the who, what and why behind a project. Tasks An item that needs to be completed by a scrum team member. Backlog A repository of the project ideas that may be executed in the future. Blockers Anything that is preventing a team member from completing their work. Minim Viable Product (MVP) A base-level project intended to show proof of concepts. Kanban A visual framework for tracking steps in a process that uses columns and status indicators moving from left (beginning ) to ri